The Cocoa Podcast

    The Cocoa Podcast

    Cocoa Podacast is a minimal and beautiful Jekyll theme made for podcasters. Cocoa features a rich podacast feed right out of the box which can be submitted to iTunes & other podcast services.

    podcast jekyll theme green playlist


    • Beautiful layout
    • Elegant typography
    • Change almost all aspects of the site form one file
    • Podcast-ready theme
    • W3C valid podcast feed
    • SEO optimized pages
    • High page loading speed
    • Custom designed audio player
    • Play all episides - playlist page
    • Instantly search any episode
    • Syntax highlighter
    • Share buttons
    • Comments by Disqus
    • Social media buttons
    • Pagination

    Bootsrap 4 Based

    Cocoa is built on the latest Bootstrap 4 Framework. The theme can be easily customized.

    Auto generated Podcast feed and sitemap

    We have given much importance to SEO and made sure you have the sitemap ready to submit to search engines. A well formatted, W3C valid Podcast feed is readily available for RSS and Podcast applications.

    Responsive videos

    Videos embeds will be responsive by default!

    <iframe src=""></iframe>

    Paginated Episodes

    Only 3 podcasts are shown in one page. Older posts are paginated. You can change the number of posts in configuration.

    paginate: 4

    Search any episode using the search bar in an instant.

    Automatic Breadcrumbs

    Breadcrumbs are generated for every episode automatically. The default one looks like this.

    The color changes with the color scheme.

    Get comments

    Disqus comments is pre-installed. Just sign-up, get a shortname and update the variable disqus in the configuration.

    Fully responsive

    The website is built to perform better on smartphones. The audio player is handy to play podcasts. Follows Google guidelines for tap-targets.


    The website uses Google Analytics for tracking visitors. Use your own UA code in the configuration. Analytics code will not be used in the website if you do not mention UA code.

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